Why do not I take it further?

The slimming function worked well until two weeks ago and now the pointer on the scales is still? No weight loss for several days or weeks? Here is the all-clear: Weight loss is part of losing weight!

According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), more than one kilogram per week should not be lost. Ideal is a weight loss of 500 grams per week. Because then the burden on the metabolism is lower and the body does not consume too much of important reserves such as muscle protein.

But what if, for a week or two, the weight has stopped, even though you are still practicing sports and maintaining a healthy diet or diet? A stagnation of weight, only for the first reassurance, occurs in just about anyone who wants to lose more than a kilo or two.

If you start a major weight loss, in which you want to lose more than five or ten kilos, you have to count on one of several so-called weight plateaus. This is normal and has different causes:

1) water retention

Especially in women, there may be an increased water retention in the body during the cycle or between two cycles. It may well be that you have lost weight, but water retention does not make the lost weight visible on the scale. Too salty nutrition also promotes the storage of water.

Therefore, in addition to the weekly weighing always miss your abdominal, waist and hip size and if you want, also the leg and arm circumference. So you can better see if you have lost weight.

2) Hormonal fluctuations in men & women

A hormonal fluctuation can lead to a slowed metabolism and also influence the water retention. This does not only occur in women: stress or frustration, for example, cause the hormone cortisol to be released. This hormone regulates the water balance in women and men, and plays a major role in the metabolism of fat and in the carbohydrate balance.

3) Sporty stopped

You have been doing sports regularly for weeks or months? Have you ever increased the level of difficulty, so have you extended the stamina units or increased your weight during strength training? No? Then this may also be a reason why your weight stagnates.

The body gets used to the burden of regular exercise after some time. That's a good thing, otherwise we could never improve our performance in the sport. If you do not increase your exercise load, the body uses less and less energy for the same sport program - it gets used to it.

Try to get a change in your training: instead of running three times a week you'd rather go swimming, cycling and running. Instead of the normal equipment training in the gym you visit a Pilates course or a Body Pump course. Important are always new loads and a regular increase in stress, so that your body burns as many calories while exercising.

4) Eat unnoticed more

I do not want to accuse anyone of cheating on his diet. But many go unnoticed again larger portions shortly after the first weight loss. This usually has nothing to do with lack of discipline.

If you move suddenly more, do sports and are more active, the body automatically demands more food. It happens to many that after they start exercising and dieting, they suddenly eat more than before.

Instead of loading the plate normally, there is an extra portion unnoticed here and there. But even healthy food choices can help you lose weight if you eat too much. Therefore, pay close attention to the portion sizes and weigh, if you are uncertain, a few days meals to control your eating habits.

5) metabolism change

The body does not give up its reserves in the form of fat deposits without a fight: before the body goes to the fat reserves, it burns other resources such as glucose (of which the body can store up to 500 grams in the body) or protein (from muscle cells, for example).

In the first few days and sometimes even weeks of a diet, the weight loss is relatively high, because in the start phase for the most part glucose reserves and water retention and protein are burned. Only then does the body switch to more intense fat burning. Suddenly the weight loss can slow down and has to settle down again.

So anyone who has lost less or maybe even no weight after one to two weeks knows that now the body switches to the fat deposits. Now it gets serious! So do not despair, but be happy that now finally the stubborn bacon rolls are on the line.

Conclusion: If the weight stagnates, this can have many causes: stress, the cycle, sports or the conversion of the metabolism to the fat burning. Do not panic if the pointer on the scale does not move down. It's just faster and sometimes slower, because the body is not a machine.

Weigh to avoid balance stress just once a week and also measure your body circumference during a diet. Try increasing your exercise program regularly, keeping an eye on portion sizes and keeping your body from losing weight.

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