Why driving a car makes the British fat

A funny study about a serious problem in the UK. In Europe, the Empire of the Queen is the thickest country. Overweight is a big problem on the island. Fast food and ready meals, little exercise and little sense of healthy food is always accused to the British.

A study confirms this: Britons take many calories when driving a car. On average, 410 calories per car trip, in the snacks and sweets are pushed into the mouth. There are quickly a few 1, 000 calories together. Because the study by Kia Motors says:

  • A sixth of motorists take their morning coffee or tea in the car
  • 10 percent of motorists regularly eat a sandwich while driving
  • Another 10 percent of motorists eat chips while driving
  • Forty-three percent of drivers who eat at the wheel do so out of boredom
  • One in three drivers almost always eats when driving a car

Terrifying results? Is that due to British traffic (which is far too exciting for foreigners to eat while eating), or are the British just used to eating while driving?

With an average of 400 calories per car trip, an extra pound quickly comes together (1 pound of weight gain corresponds to about 3, 500 additional calories eaten).

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