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A wishful thinking: lose weight and eat what and how much you want. This is the premise for successful weight loss in the book "The Wolverine Diet". In the process, no concrete diet concept or concrete diet plan should be consciously followed, but one should put together a plan for losing weight.

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The diet plan of the glutton diet should only heed three facts:

1) You have to use more energy to lose weight than you take with food.

2) One must be balanced and content with oneself so as to seek no substitute for personal happiness in food. 3) You have to make your life more active and alive. But not necessarily with sports, but above all through a busy everyday life and enjoyment of going out and other activities.

The author of the diet book "The Wolverine Diet", Jutta Kramer, speaks of her own experience on weight loss and weight loss.

The Wolverine diet is not really a diet plan as it does not provide any specific diet plans or detailed sports tips. The author begins by describing her personal diet experience and lets you know that there is not one miracle solution to lose weight.

Rather everyone has to develop his own concept with which he wants to lose weight. Because a self-composed diet and nutritional concept can be sustained longer according to the wolverine diet and thus enables a sustainable change in diet.

Anyone who, according to the opinion, adheres to "foreign" rules, guidelines and dietary concepts, can not use their own strength for a diet or give up his dieting attempt faster.

The first step in developing your own weight loss concept is to become aware of the following principles:

  • Which concrete weight you want to achieve
  • that you will achieve it and
  • Internalize that no foreign control of the behavior and no nutritional plans are needed.

A food and diet plan given by strangers builds up too much pressure, requiring the highest degree of discipline, consistency, change and behavioral change. All this torture is not necessary. More important are the rules: make a decision and internalize, reduce energy intake and increase energy consumption. Simple, you might think.

In order to create your own diet plan, you should acquire the nutritional knowledge, which is taught in the diet book to the gluttonous diet. Both background knowledge about common diets such as food combining, losing weight with the moon or fasting, as well as knowledge about calorie content, vitamins, minerals and trace elements of food. The diet book provides an overview of current, popular diet concepts (Atkins diet, slender sleep, etc.) and a full chapter devoted to the topic of food knowledge.

The principle is similar to the Glyx diet, where carbohydrates are judged to be "good" or "poor" in terms of their effects on blood sugar levels.

The author advises moderate enjoyment, in the spirit of achieving the goal. True to the motto: A yogurt or fruit salad does not replace the taste of a piece of Sacher cake. But who wants to lose weight, should limit the calorie-rich pleasure foods consciously for a while and later unconsciously.

The listed fat burners should, according to the author of the glutton diet, help to reduce or keep the weight. These include foods such as kefir, noni juice, nettle tea and fruits such as berries, pineapple and apples. Of course you can argue about the fat burner properties of these foods, but some foods are an asset to a healthy and varied diet.

If you do not like to eat fruits and vegetables in raw or cooked form, then you should drink the health benefits at least as fruit juice or vegetable juice. In addition, the Wolverine diet book provides tips on how to save calories and get full, such as:

  • Choose cold, healthy appetizers such as fish, zucchini, vegetables or melon
  • instead of original mayonnaise, prepare a yogurt-mayo mixture with herbs
  • Use sattmets such as pasta and potatoes, but prepare them only with low fat

The following psychological rule should summarize the principle of the wolverine diet again: If you want to lose weight, then never think again to lose weight. A tip that only makes sense when you think and read, but can be important in terms of the way you lose weight and the motivation to persevere.

The author deals almost exclusively with psychotricks and psychological influence in the last part of the diet book. Since the advertising is exposed as an engine for appetite and it will be given to the willful reader motivation slogans and rules.

Finally, the book is accompanied by a form on which you can write down your own diet method. This should be the first step to your own diet concept and accompany the reader even after reading the book in the documentation and control of his dining project.

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