Summer shake

A delicious and fruity strawberry shake is the summer shake par excellence. What could be nicer than sitting by the pool in the scorching hot sun, hanging his feet in the water and sipping a cool and refreshing summer shake? The classic shake has its origins in the land of unlimited possibilities.

In 1922, the American Ivar Coulsen came up with the seemingly simple idea of ​​mixing milk, chocolate and ice cream. That he would trigger a kind of revolution, he certainly would not have thought at the beginning. With the opening of the well-known Milchbars, which offered milkshakes in all facets, the worldwide triumph of the Shakes began. Thanks to the Shake its name of its preparation.

Tasty milkshakes and refreshing fruit shakes for the summer

In order to achieve the unmistakable milky texture of a shake, you have to mix the main ingredients properly - this is only possible if you "shake" the shake properly. Shake is the English term for shake. Today, kitchen appliances such as blenders do the sweaty work and in seconds bring the shake to its ever-popular consistency.

Today, you can buy a shake in every imaginable color and flavor - the imagination knows no bounds. The main ingredients of a shake are traditionally milk, ice cream and fruit. Often it is just the secondary ingredients that give the shake a special flavor. Depending on the weather or occasion, there are a variety of variations of shakes.

For example, in the summer you often prefer to drink a fruity and ice-cold shake made of fruit and ice cream. In the winter months he may be a little sweeter and maybe even a splash of alcohol. By the way, a shake is not just a pure stimulant - in the course of a diet, for example, it can provide real pacing services. Especially in the times between the main meals threatened diets fail, because here cravings and Co. knock particularly hard on the door and straining our nerves to extremes.

The quality of snacks is what makes a diet a success. A shake is made for a diet - because it is nutritious, delicious and quickly prepared. Just the latter feature underestimate many diet participants. They go into a diet, buy the best stuff and plan the most demanding recipes. That they simply do not have the time, many forget.

A diet is well calculated time management. In addition to dieting, we have to work, look after the family and meet with friends. The fact that there is still enough time for a demanding diet, borders on a small miracle.

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