Slim with nectarines

Peaches or nectarines - which fruits taste better? The question is probably difficult to answer. Maybe peaches are a bit juicier, but only when they are ripe. What many people do not know, peaches and nectarines are more related than you think.

In principle, the nectarine is a mutation of the peach. It lacks a genetic feature over the peach - hence the smooth skin. What is nearly equal is their high content of potassium. This makes nectarines particularly interesting for people who want to lose weight because potassium has a dehydrating effect and promotes digestion. In the long term, however, you can not lose weight with nectarines. This can only be achieved by changing your overall diet and burning more calories through exercise. Nevertheless, nectarines are supposed to make lean. Nectarines can slim, but unfortunately this effect is short-lived.


Nectarines are rich in potassium

Nevertheless, there are many people in celebrity circles who use nectarines to slim down in the short term. The secret lies in potassium. Potassium deprives the body of water and thus provides better contours, as far as the body silhouette is concerned. Incidentally, bodybuilders also rely on this effect. Shortly before the competition water is withdrawn from the body by borderline measures - drinking is absolutely taboo in the hours before the appearance. If a muscle is deprived of water, its contours become more apparent - the muscle looks more defined. This of course increases the chances of victory in a bodybuilder contest.

In addition to many trace elements and minerals, nectarines are particularly characterized by their wealth of vitamins A and C. Nectarines are mainly used for fresh consumption. They can be easily detached from the core and cut into slices. They are especially popular in fruit salads. Nectarines are available in principle throughout the year. From May to September European nectarines fill the shelves of the supermarkets. During the winter months, nectarines from South Africa or Chile reach us.

Incidentally, there are over one hundred varieties of nectarines. Nectarines can not only slim, nectarines are also healthy. Since then, nectarines have been used for popular medical purposes, for example to cure constipation or poisoning. Nectarines and peaches are even said to have powers that exceed human imagination. Thus, peaches in China have always been a symbol of immortality.

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