The drug Reductil is intended to influence the feeling of satiety in very overweight people. Reductil is a drug of the pharmaceutical company Abbott. Originally it was used to treat depression. It contains the active substance sibutramine and acts in the central nervous system. It strengthens the feeling of satiety, as a result less is eaten.

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The use of Reductil only makes sense in obese people with a diet-related obesity and a body mass index (BMI) from 30 years and in overweight with a BMI from 27 with comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus type 2.

The active substance of Reductil unfolds its effect in the brain. It stimulates and reduces the feeling of hunger. After a short period of getting used to the body, the effect diminishes.

In order for the effect to be maintained, the dose must be increased, which leads to dependency. Significant side effects such as high blood pressure, heart valve changes, cardiac arrhythmias, and confusion may occur.

Reductil should only be prescribed by the doctor if other means (diets, sports, spa stays) did not show sufficient effect. In addition, the risk of disease due to the existing excess weight must be greater than the side effects of the drug.

One package of 98-capsule Reductil (ten milligrams) costs 244.90 euros and lasts for about three months. That makes about 2.77 euros per day. The treatment should not take more than a year.

experts Conclusion

Taking the drug sibutramine is associated with significant side effects such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, nausea and dizziness. Anyone who suffers from liver or kidney dysfunction or heart disease should not take the medicine.

A drug-lowering regimen should be considered only in very high obesity or obesity. This type of weight loss should be discussed in advance with the doctor and only be done under the supervision of a doctor.

If, in addition to the tablet intake, the eating habits are not fundamentally changed, no long-term weight reduction will take place. Many overweight people therefore gain weight after discontinuing the drug. The learning of a new, healthy and calorie-conscious eating behavior as well as the acclimation of exercise (sports) must be an integral part of the drug therapy with Reductil.

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