Power enzyme Q10

Against eye wrinkles, age control, toning: The enzyme Q10 knows most of various creams and tubes for the face and body. But what is and can Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance, which is especially important for the heart. Anyone who grows older runs the risk of not absorbing enough of it. Therefore: Pay attention to a balanced Q10 intake and possibly take Q10 as a dietary supplement.

The enzyme Q10 is needed throughout the body. It is part of the cell power plants, which have the task to convert fat and sugar into energy. Especially the heart needs a lot of Q10 because it pumps about 7, 000 liters of blood through the veins every day.

Q10 production slows down in old age

The body's production of Q10 unfortunately decreases with age. Sporting effort, as well as illnesses, taking medicines, especially the intake of cholesterol-lowering drugs, the so-called statins, and stress increase the Q10 requirement.

Q10 is found in many natural foods, especially animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs, and cold-pressed oils. Highly industrially processed foods and finished products, however, contain only a small amount of Q10.

If you suffer from fatigue, lack of energy and lack of concentration, or if you take statins, it may be advisable to take Q10 as a supplement. Alternatively, you can also enriched foods, such as yogurts and special drinks, to take.

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