Online Diets: Losing weight at home

The standard diet starts with most people with the purchase of a diet book or a product. But the Internet is coming up with more and more online diet programs. We'll briefly introduce you to the best known online diets and tell you what to expect there.

1) Weight Watchers diet

Over the decades, company Weight Watchers has grown out of the many well known neighborhood group meetings and counting points rather than calories. However, group meetings and peer-to-peer exchanges work just as well on the internet. Weight Watchers' online program includes: a forum for participants, a food diary, recipe planner and recipe suggestions, as well as fitness videos and a food search to find out the points of various foods (POINTS Calculator). In addition, Weight Watchers products are sold, often exclusively, through the Weight Watchers Online Shop.

Conclusion: Extensive offer for an online diet program, but also a proud price. Weight Watchers online diet costs € 59.95 for the first three months and € 14.95 for every other month.

2) xx-well Online diet coach

The diet coach of xx-well is used in many ways: The Brigitte Diet uses him as well. At the Brigitte Diet Coach Coaches the participants have access to the diet plan and the recipes of the Brigitte diet. The principle of the xxwell Coach works, whether as a Brigitte diet coach, fat burner coach or star diet coach, always the same:

First an inventory is made. You set diet goals (how much weight you want to lose weight) and get a nutrition plan and recipes, tailored to your own eating and cooking preferences. You can exchange recipes and keep a fitness journal. Of course there is also a forum. In addition, you also receive regularly motivating emails.

Conclusion: Not quite as much interactivity and therefore more suitable for people who want to lose weight, who want to have firm planning when losing weight. The costs are in contrast to the Weight Watchers online coach a little less: Monthly you pay € 12.90, quarterly € 29.90, semi-annual € 52.90 and € 89.90 per year.

3) Aiqum diet

The Aiqum diet program, like xxwell, provides a diet plan after a personal interview that should be followed. In addition, as a gold member, you also get a fitness plan. As with xxwell, the diet plan at Aiqum is interchangeable. You can exchange the proposed meals with each other or feed your own food. Again, there is a diet forum, where you can motivate yourself with other participants. It also gives tips on behavioral change.

Conclusion: Not better but not worse than the xx-well program. Also, there is no big difference in price: 12.90 € for the silver membership (without fitness plan) and 17.90 € per month for the Gold membership.

4) e-balance

The e-Balance diet program is also used by some health insurances and also offers many possibilities: Based on a comprehensive questionnaire, a nutrition plan is created. You can exchange recipes or add your own food. In addition to the diet forum, there are expert chats at set times and behavior modification tasks. A fitness journal can also be maintained. Although, according to the information provided in the questionnaire, fitness exercises are suggested, but these can be changed or supplemented on their own.

Conclusion: A somewhat extensive offer with a clear layout and also cheaper in price. The membership for 3 months costs 27 € (9 € per month), the membership for 6 months costs 48 € and the annual membership 78, 00 €.

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