Neck pain due to little exercise

Good morning, it's me, your cervical spine. Usually neck pain comes over us when we get up early. Already at the first glance at the alarm clock, an unknown something bites in our throat. That is due to too little exercise in everyday life. No question: pain in the neck are uncomfortable. Many underestimate this kind of pain and talk about it beautifully: it will work out somehow. The wide range of causes of neck pain ranges from too little exercise to severe herniated discs.

Therefore, they should not be taken lightly. In the first place, one naturally thinks of muscular tension in neck pain. These can be caused by poor posture, caused for example by a wrong sitting and lying - the evolutionary consequences of modern society.

Too little exercise promotes neck pain

We have become a sedentary species with little exercise. When sitting, it is not so easy to ensure a natural attitude of man. Many tend to lean forward at the desk in front of the computer, resulting in an unnatural curvature of the spine, which can eventually lead to cramping and hardening of the muscles.

The impact chain is quickly brought to a point: Little movement - equal muscle tension - equal neck pain. But not only too little exercise can lead to pain in the neck, abrupt and uncontrolled movements are also able to cause strong neck pain - this is often associated with an acute limitation of movement of the head.

Other indirect initiators are also possible. For example, anxiety, stress and drafts can cause a change in muscle tone. Muscle tone is the state of tension of a muscle. If this device is out of balance, it can lead to tension. Usually, the body releases tension and blockages on its own after a few days.

When should one go to the doctor for neck pain?

If neck pain persists even after one week, a doctor should be consulted. This can provide with trained hands or medication again for relaxation. But the reasons for neck pain can also be serious. Malformations, diseases as well as injuries of the cervical spine require comprehensive medical care.

Only a specialist can estimate the severity of the neck pain. Of course, painkillers can dispel the first pain. However, these only scratch the surface, they do not fight the cause. Heat in the form of hot water bottles or mud packs helps in most cases.

Under certain circumstances, even a slight rubbing and massaging of the neck muscles can bring relief. As I said: neck pain should not be underestimated - not always is too little movement the reason.

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