Building muscle through proper nutrition

An optimal muscle can only succeed if you pay at least as much attention to the diet as his muscles. The diet, which is designed to support muscle growth, must follow a plan and be tailored to the training program. Many people think that it is sufficient to put innumerable amounts of protein in them. The problem: This type of food intake does not correspond to a balanced and balanced diet.

But this is important to provide the muscles with the nutrients they need to grow. Certainly protein plays an important role in muscle building, but it is not an entertainer. Protein is the building material for our muscles. After all, our muscles are made up of 20 percent protein, the other parts are fat and water. The key question is: How intensively do I do muscle building? Every two days a few push-ups, sit-ups and a light dumbbell workout is a training hassle that does not require excessive protein intake. A balanced and wholesome diet would be sufficient here to meet the daily requirement.

Strength athletes have to pay attention to a varied diet

But there are also strength athletes who push mountains of weights every day. Here the thing looks a bit different. A protein-rich diet, especially in the early stages of a workout support the muscle well. However, the body eventually reaches a point where it reacts to the increased protein intake resistant - that is, more protein brings nothing more. On the contrary: the organism assigns a different purpose to the protein. The protein is no longer used to build muscle, but the direct energy.

But since the reserves are also limited here, there is a risk that the protein can be converted into fat - and that is what very few want. Otherwise, care should be taken in the diet that especially carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are not neglected.

Carbohydrates can have serious consequences. If the need for carbohydrates can not be met through food, the body seeks other sources of energy. He finds it in fat and protein. If the body taps the fat reserves and burns fat to get the necessary energy, we'll probably be happy. With protein the situation looks different. Because in order to quench its hunger for energy, our organism uses also the protein of our musculature: The consequence: Our hard-trained muscle mass begins to melt. With a balanced and full-fledged diet, you are also on the safe side when building muscle. Our health will also thank us.

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