Mineral water increases physical and mental fitness

Water is the source of life and has a positive effect on our well-being as well as our appearance. Water keeps you fresh and healthy. Why mineral water, mixed with important minerals, has a positive effect on body and soul, was found in "Gerolsteiner" with the largest mineral water drinking campaign in Germany, the "Month with a Star".

A month of mineral water

Humans should drink 1.5 - 2 liters of water every day so that they are healthy and stay healthy. Especially if you pay attention to your weight and lose a few pounds, you should often resort to cool water. This is well known, but the mineral water brand "Gerolsteiner" wanted to know it more precisely: During the "Month with a Star" campaign, 6, 000 people were invited to abstain from coffee, soft drinks and juices for one month and to quench their thirst with mineral water alone. During this time, the participants were repeatedly asked about their mental and physical sensibilities.

Mineral water makes you smart and beautiful

The result of the study shows that the supply of enough mineral water has undreamt-of effects on our well-being. 73% of respondents said they felt better every day. 61% were able to concentrate better, 70% felt physically better and about 50% of the participants feel even fitter and more efficient in sports. But on the outside, the enjoyment of sufficient water affects. 20% of study participants lost weight during the month, and 40% enjoyed a more beautiful skin. Many health complaints have been alleviated, such as heartburn, headache or indigestion. Almost a quarter of the participants were able to sleep better. This result shows, according to "Gerolsteiner", that not only drinking enough water is important but also the intake of minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate plays an important role. During the study, the participants did not use potential contaminants such as sugar or caffeine because of their altered drinking behavior, proving that pure water is still the best for our body.

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