Migraines - more than just a headache

An estimated one in ten inhabitants of Germany knows symptoms of a migraine from their own experience. Thus, the disease migraine not only means a huge restriction of individual quality of life, but also a huge burden on the health system.

Migraines - an overview

Migraine is more than a "simple" headache, but is usually associated with other symptoms such as nausea, photosensitivity and neurological deficits. Migraine makes it impossible for those affected to spend hours or even days participating in everyday life. It is estimated that about 6 percent of men and 15 percent of women suffer from migraine and its symptoms.

In recent decades, migraine has increased massively in the industrialized countries: more and more people are affected and the migraine symptoms start earlier and earlier. American studies showed a rise of at least 20 percent within a decade.

A Finnish study revealed that the number of migraine cases among children under seven years tripled between 1974 and 1992, especially in areas with lower social strata. Even in Germany, more and more children (10 to 20 percent) suffer from headaches, of which around 12 percent are migraines.

Intolerances and unhealthy diet as a possible cause?

It is still unclear how migraine develops and why there is an increase in cases of migraine. Often there are food intolerances; some experts blame the "modern" high-carbohydrate diet with plenty of fast food.

In migraine both the acute attacks must be treated as quickly as possible and tried to minimize by means of various measures strength and frequency of seizures.

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