Learning on an empty stomach: every seventh child does not have breakfast

Carbohydrates promote thinking and are especially important for children. A recent Forsa survey commissioned by Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has now revealed that every seventh child eats nothing in the morning before going to school. This is reflected in the minds of children. The reasons for the missing breakfast are manifold: One in four respondents stated that their child had no appetite in the morning. And even every third mother and every third father said that there was no time for breakfast in the morning. However, these should always be cleared for a healthy morning meal, advises nutritionist Alexandra Krotz. "Children are only really fit for school if they have breakfast in the morning in peace". With an empty stomach, body and mind can not perform.

The result: The children are irritable, nervous and can not concentrate properly. And this is already important on the way to school: children move more safely when they have got up early and have had a relaxed breakfast. At the latest in the big break, the children raided the big cravings. Then they prefer to grab sweets. It is therefore particularly unfavorable if children have a few euros in their pockets instead of a healthy snack and grab candy bars and wine gums at the nearest kiosk to their heart's content.

Breakfasts provide energy for the day

Sweets increase the blood sugar level in the short term, but let it sink quickly and lead to the next power low. According to the survey, at least six percent of primary school children give their children money for a snack in the school. Of the older kids, almost every fourth buys themselves. The majority of mothers and fathers (95 percent of elementary school parents) do the breakfasts themselves. This is also the best alternative for children who do not want to have breakfast in the morning.

You can and should not force children but not for breakfast. However, if a child does not want to eat anything, it should at least drink a glass of milk, cocoa, or fruit juice. A good breakfast for children consists of cereal with milk, nuts, raisins and fresh fruit, such as apple and banana pieces. Alternatively, wholemeal bread can also be added to the menu in the morning - preferably with herb quark or as a sweet alternative with quark and banana slices. Many kids still have some catching up to do here: Only every third child eats every day - as nutrition experts recommend - wholegrain bread, bread rolls or brown bread. This is what the Children and Youth Health Survey (KIGGS) at the Robert Koch Institute revealed.

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