Slight overweight is healthy

Slim = healthy? More and more studies show that people with a slight overweight are healthier and also live longer. Vitality is not guaranteed only at normal weight. Rather, there is something "prosperity bacon" for health and performance.

Is healthy around? Of course you can not say that in a general way. But with a high probability just a slight overweight in old age is particularly useful. Why this is so, explains all sorts of studies and observations.

A research team from Hamburg has 42 studies on overweight, ideal and Normal weight in the context of health and well-being evaluated. The result: People with a slight overweight, a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 29, do not die earlier than their slimmer peers.

On the contrary: "Today, a BMI of around 27 is associated with the lowest mortality in middle age." explains Ingrid Mühlhäuser, part of the research team from Hamburg. A slight overweight of 5-10 kilos is therefore healthier than the so-called normal weight, so a BMI value between 20 and 25.

Slight overweight keeps you healthy and fit

Even in old age, a body mass index of 27 is healthier: over 70 year olds die more if they have normal weight or ideal weight. A BMI up to 30 and higher provides more vitality and a longer life expectancy in old age. Especially the studies from the USA show that the steadily increasing life expectancy since the 70'ies is accompanied by a steadily increasing BMI.

However, proving that a BMI over 30, medically declared as obesity or obesity, increases the risk of disease in middle age. Then the life expectancy also decreases. However, as long as you have only a few pounds too much, you do not have to worry about his health. It depends much more on physical fitness and fat distribution than on the display of the balance.

His personal BMI is calculated as follows: Weight in kg divided by (height in m) ². A man of 1.85 meters tall and weighing 85 kilograms would therefore have a BMI of 24.8. A man with 90 kilos already on 26.3. Oliver Kahn and many other Lesitungssportler would therefore be considered as overweight.

Here you will learn how to keep fit at home - with or without overweight.

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