Calorie bombs? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

You think you are eating a lot of calories at Christmas? Nonsense. With these wisdoms you would even have to lose weight while snacking ... Here are a few funny, not very serious, calorie theories for you.

Invisible calories: If you eat something and no one sees it, then it has no calories. Also applies to all "hidden calories".

Negative calories: If you drink a light lemonade and eat a bar of chocolate, the calories in the chocolate are destroyed by the light lemonade.

Eating together: When you eat with others, only the calories you eat more than the others count.

Calories that do well: food that is taken for medicinal purposes, such as hot chocolate, red wine, cognac) NEVER counts. Fed up: The more you eat those who are daily around you, the slimmer you look. That works too the rest of the year.

Snacking in front of the TV: Eating, which is consumed as part of entertainment (popcorn, peanuts, lemonade, chocolate or sugar), watching movies or listening to music, does not contain calories because it is not taken as food but only as a part of it The entertainment.

Broken calories: Cookies or gingerbread do not contain calories when broken and eaten piece by piece because the calories evaporate when the baked goods are broken.

Tasting: Anything that gets licked by knives, pots, or spoons while preparing the food does not contain any calories because it is part of the food preparation. It can be calculated out.

Color theory: Eating with the same color also has the same calorie content (eg tomatoes and strawberry jam, mushrooms and white chocolate).

Ice and leftovers: Foods that are frozen do not contain any calories because calories are a unit of heat.

These tips would theoretically mean that you lose several pounds over Christmas. Because this is usually not the case, we will test these theses in practice again next year.

In this sense: Merry Christmas to all of you and pay attention to a healthy but enjoyable diet between the years and when you "slide in".

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