Lower body fat

Lowering body fat is an ambitious goal - because the body is reluctant to spend its emergency rations. Our organism still works like 10, 000 years ago. The fat storage and fat burning also runs on the same principle.

At that time hunger was part of everyday life - hunger periods were the order of the day. The body experienced roller coaster rides in terms of food intake - regular meals, as most people in Germany know, was out of the question. The body had to adapt accordingly and did so, in which he learned to save energy reserves.

This form of hamster still bothers us today. Our body fat percentage gives testimony daily. The more intensively we bunker fat reserves, the higher our body fat percentage. But from when do we set energy reserves aside as a precaution? As a rule, the bill is relatively simple.

Body fat percentage and calorie consumption

Every day, through our diet, we absorb a certain amount of energy that counteracts individual calorie consumption. This is called the energy balance of the body. This is negative if we consume more calories during the day than we absorb from the diet.

In the opposite case, the amount of energy of the food exceeds that of the consumption. This positive energy balance means that the organism stores the excess energy in the form of fat reserves. That's not questionable. The problem is when the energy balance is permanently in an imbalance.

The receipt follows on the foot: Our body fat percentage increases. Basically, a certain body fat percentage is vital. However, the healthy measure depends on several factors. Women have a higher fat content for biological reasons. In a 20-year-old man, the average body fat percentage is 18 percent - in women about 25 percent.

As the percentage of muscle mass decreases over the course of life, the percentage of fat increases with age. But also the intensity of sports practice has a direct influence on the proportion of fat reserves in the body. So professional athletes can show body fat content of 8 to 10 percent at a young age. The best way to put the unloved fat deposits on the Pelle by optimizing its energy balance permanently.

The greatest chances are to systematically change your diet and increase your energy consumption through exercise and exercise. The body's fat metabolism is most active under low energy demands. Ideal sports to boost fat burning are running, walking or swimming.

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