Every day salad?

Who wants to diet or lose weight, often resorting to the salad. Salad is healthy, cheap and prepared quickly. It is a mandatory part of a healthy and vitamin-rich diet.

In addition, the combination options for salad are extremely versatile. Those who do not always want to prepare the same mixed salad of iceberg, cucumber and tomato, can be inspired by the following salad tips: Who wants to lose weight, does not have to poke every day in the same salad varieties. Brings variety into the greenery!

The dressing

Balsamic, oil and spices become quite dull over time. How about a homemade yogurt dressing? Sounds complicated, but it is not. Just mix some buttermilk or yoghurt with water, herbs, salt and pepper, add a few drops of lemon.

For dressing you can also try out exceptional spice blends such as lavender, rosemary and oregano salt "star chef Jamie Oliver. With the right oil, these mixtures are particularly good effect. In the supermarket there are special spice blends and oils just waiting to be tried.

Sweet and sour dressing variations with mustard, honey, sesame oil, orange juice or dill are a taste highlight. Just mix a few ingredients with some courage. Also when cooking is: "Who dares not who does not win."

Instead of cream for a creamy dressing, prefer to resort to herbal quark, horseradish and buttermilk. These milk products can also be diluted with a little mineral water. Then they taste - with less calories - just as creamy-creamy yummy.

Fruit in the vegetable salad

Pomegranate seeds sweetly sweeten every savory salad with its fruity aroma. Just put a handful on each plate. Incidentally, pomegranates are currently in high season and are available at low prices almost everywhere.

Apple and pear pieces can also bring variety into a green salad. A few crisp apple pieces or sweet pears give the lettuce a mild acidity and underline a spicy-hot dressing perfectly.

Exotic fruits such as pineapple, star fruit, papaya or fresh melon, strawberries or currants top a vegetable salad. There are no limits to creativity. One should not separate so strictly between fruit and vegetable salad.

Crunchy ingredients

The crispy salad tastes even more savory with crispy ingredients and appeals to the sense of taste as well as the ear. Roasted sesame seeds (which also fit perfectly over a fruit salad), pine nuts, sunflower seeds or croutons from wholegrain bread pieces with herbal salt ensure the right bite.

Cheese, chicken & Co.

A salad as a main meal is especially healthy when combined with valuable protein. This can be sheep's cheese or mozarella, but also spicy gorgonzola (a taste hit together with walnuts and pear pieces).

Other flavorful cheeses can spice up a simple green salad. Slim tip: With cheese in the salad something should be saved with the oil.

If you prefer lean side dishes, combine the salad with chicken breast, scampi or a piece of beef tenderloin. Almost every type of meat and fish goes well with green salad.

A mandarin chicken skewer fried in a pan, combined with a salad, is a protein-rich and exotic meal. Even the classic chef salad, but then with lean ham and only a little cheese, is healthy and suitable for losing weight.

The good thing about salad: it can never be boring. The application and preparation options are so versatile. Whether as a side dish or main meal, the salad can accompany us every day healthy, rich in vitamins and low in calories.

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