Gymnastics: Not just for grandmas

Gymnastics is something for sprightly ladies who meet for the ultimate gym class before the afternoon gossip - so you can roughly outline the picture that most people have of gymnastics. For a long time the gym suffered from its dusty image. Only in recent years, the gymnastics has undergone a kind of retreading. There are two reasons for this image change.

On the one hand, scientific studies have proven the positive influence of gymnastics on health and physical performance. On the other hand, there are Pilates, Yoga and Co., which have helped the gym to a fresh coat of paint. The Far Eastern movement concepts are based on gymnastic exercises. This fact shows how complex and changeable gymnastics can be. Thus, gymnastics plays an important role in many sports. Especially in the preparation and follow-up of training sessions and competitions gymnastics is an indispensable link.

Gymnastics: All-round sport for all ages

Many athletes actively incorporate gymnastics in their warm-up phase. With the help of gymnastics the body should be adequately prepared for the upcoming load. Gymnastics in the form of stretching exercises stretches ligaments, tendons and muscles and makes the body so "supple" for the competition. Gymnastic exercises provide a broad spectrum of activity: Gymnastics is a healthy mix of stretching and strengthening. Now comes the element of movement into play, gymnastics becomes the secret weapon for losing weight. Building muscle through gymnastics tightens the body and increases muscle mass. This in turn results in a higher basal metabolic rate. And that a higher metabolic rate leads to a higher calorie consumption, must not be mentioned again at this point. For example, aerobics is a typical example of gymnastics that is framed with dynamic elements. With aerobics you can not only sweat a lot, with aerobics you can also lose weight.

Conclusion: Gymnastics is a true sports all-rounder, which has long since freed itself from its old walls. One could also say that the gymnastics has emancipated in a sense. Oh yes, and gymnastics spare the purse. You do not need much to actively engage in gymnastics. While costly equipment is needed for other sports, gymnastics is also a bit more modest. By the way, gymnastics is even cheaper if practiced in the same way as the ancient Greeks used to do in ancient times, namely when they were naked. Who likes it - everyone according to his style.

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