Collect goji berries yourself

Goji berries do not have to be expensive to use for weight loss. You can collect the goji berry yourself and collect it at home. The goji berries are full of phytochemicals that are very healthy. Goji berry sounds like an exotic berry growing very far away. But it is true: the Goji berry is known in Germany as a Chinese wolfberry. It grows on the shrub of the common buckthorn.

The common wolfberry bears fruit between August and October, the goji berries or wolfberries. The plant is widespread outside of the cities in eastern Germany, because in eastern Germany, the earth contains less nitrogen and heavy metals.

The exact origin of the Goji shrub is unknown. It only grows in sunny places. It is believed that the original Goji plant came from Asia to Europe. It is also found in North America and Australia - practically a multicultural plant.

Collect goji berries

It is best to look for a two to four meter high bouquet. The leaves are deciduous, a goji shrub is so bare in winter. The fruits are about 8 to 12 millimeters long and egg-shaped. They are red to orange. The fruits can be left to dry in the sun or on a dry, warm surface in the household. It should be dry for a long time, about 3-4 weeks. You can also use them fresh in chutneys or jams (eg with other berries).

The leaves of the goji plant can also be eaten as leafy vegetables in lettuce. You can also squeeze the berries into a juice.

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