Healthy food in autumn - vitamin-rich autumn vegetables

A balanced and healthy diet is important throughout the year. But especially in the cold season, special care should be taken to supply the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Strengthen defenses

Winter is catching on in Germany and especially now a balanced and healthy diet is important to protect against flu and other seasonal infections. Therefore, the body should now be sufficiently supplied with vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as selenium, zinc or iron to strengthen the body's defenses.

Because these contribute significantly to the work of cell functions and thus promote the immune system. A particularly important component of the diet should therefore consist of vitamin-rich autumn vegetables. But also fish and whole grains, which contain high fiber, are essential for a balanced and healthy diet. Especially in autumn and winter, a varied and varied diet is important. Because the consumption of fruits, such as citrus fruits, and vegetables can protect you from bacteria, germs and viruses.

Vitamin A & E

Especially now, when it gets dark early, it is important to take enough vitamin A to strengthen your eyesight, as the long-lasting darkness is severe. But also the mucous membrane in the nose and mouth is strengthened by vitamin A. For example, you can cover the daily requirement for vitamin A with one serving of carrots (100 grams) per day.

A particularly important role for a well-functioning immune system plays in addition to a sufficient intake of vitamin C and the former of vitamin E, as it helps the body to form the phagocytes that destroy germs. Vitamin E is found in red cabbage. Again, nutritionists recommend a serving of 100 grams per day. In addition, red cabbage contributes to the strengthening of the bones.

Tip for vegetable cultivation

In addition, there are a large number of native autumn vegetables that contribute to strengthening the body's defenses and supports your overall health: pumpkins, peas, beans, leeks, leeks or cabbages such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage or already called red cabbage.

If you want to know more about autumn vegetables and the degradation in your own garden, you will find detailed information about this topic on writes about autumn vegetables and their cultivation.

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