Healthy food for all children

Only yesterday I was contacted by a helper of the children's kitchen of the family protection Berlin, if I would like to give my signature for free food in schools and day-care centers for needy children.

What has been attracting more and more media attention for months (fortunately!) Is the lack of nutrition of many children. Then there is talk of organizations such as Arche or the just mentioned children's kitchen of the family protection association, but also about the circumstances in which a large part of our children must grow up:

With no breakfast to go to school, no lunch and cheap ready meals instead of freshly cooked meals for dinner are commonplace in many households. Many families can no longer afford the traditional school meal or it is not offered in the schools. Cook at home, that can only a few fathers and mothers.

Dependence on industrial food

Many households are downright dependent on the food industry and can not do anything with fresh foods and seasonal fruits and vegetables. The cooking was unlearned. And families often find this expensive, because freshly cooked meals are cheaper in most cases and in any case healthier than finished products from the bag or the frozen section.

Luckily, there are organizations like "Die Tafeln", "Arche" or the "Kinderküche" of the family protection association. The latter not only distribute food, but also teach the kids something: what a healthy diet is and how to prepare healthy meals, should be taught.

Learn to cook properly

Be honest with yourself: How often is your home cooked? Two or three times a week? This probably corresponds to the German average, which cooks only 2-3 days or evenings a week fresh. It can be so easy: In every season there are cheap offers and seasonal, fresh vegetables and fruits.

In most cases it is mere ignorance or severe social obstacles (unemployment, strokes of fate, addiction, ...) that prevent parents from cooking and caring for their children. Neglect to neglect is the problem in many low-income or Hartz IV families.

If you want to do something for the schoolchildren, get involved and organize, for example, cooking classes for parents and children, or support clubs, such as those mentioned above, with donations or your help.

Also you should address the school of your child on free school lunches for children from socially disadvantaged families. There are many ways to do something, it does not always have to be a cash donation. Tip for healthy cooking for the whole family:

The "Genius Family Cookbook" will enrich your kitchen in any case. It offers year-round weekly schedules and hands-on tips to save time and money on cooking for the whole family and to eat well balanced and rich in vitamins.

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