Well-groomed nails

For many people, beautiful nails are a must. Especially with nails, our mother nature often works unfairly. Some people naturally have beautiful and healthy nails - and do not even have to do anything about it.

The only attention they give their nails is cutting. Others put a lot of time and money into their nails without ever being satisfied with the result. Nevertheless, you can do something for healthy and beautiful nails.

What many do not know or neglect is the fact that beautiful nails come from within. Important influence in terms of beautiful nails is the diet. As with hair, nails are a reflection of our health and diet. Healthy and beautiful nails start with the diet.

Beautiful nails through proper nutrition

Nails respond particularly well to a balanced and vitamin-rich diet. Fruits, vegetables and cereal products are the magic elixir for beautiful nails. Especially the minerals should be given more attention if you have the goal to get beautiful nails: Iron, calcium and zinc are good for our nails.

But also the proper care of the nails plays an important role. So most people do not know that you should not actually cut or snap nails. The uneven pressure on the nail changes its structure, which can lead to breakage or tearing of the nails. But also the recommended arrows of the nails should be learned. Always in one direction arrows, is the motto here. The best way to move the arrows over and over again from the edge to the middle of the nail. After the rough arrows it can not hurt to work on the nails later with a so-called polishing arrows. As a result, the nail structure thickens and the surface experiences a healthy shine.

Some also make the additional error when cutting that they cut the nails too short. They damage the cuticle, which supplies the nail with important nutrients. Also, a certain protection of the nails should be guaranteed. So it is advisable to put his feet in public baths in bathing shoes to reduce the risk of getting athlete's foot. Even in the household should be given to his nails. If you expose your hands to detergents and rinse water, it's best to cover your hands with special household gloves. True to the motto: On my nails I leave only air and water.

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