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Lose weight healthily, stay fit and have fun. That promises the Fit for Fun diet. The basis of the Fit for Fun diet are the three pillars: nutrition, exercise and relaxation. The Fit for Fun diet is based on a carbohydrate-rich and low-fat mixed diet. No food is banned, but the diet relies on cheap carbohydrates, combined with the right fats and high-quality protein. The diet is based on the lifestyle pyramid. Their basis is relaxation, exercise and daily drinking of 2 liters of still, cold water.

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  2. The diet in detail
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  4. Advantages and disadvantages
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Origin of the diet

The Fit for Fun diet was developed at the end of the 90s by the editors of the eponymous lifestyle magazine "Fit for Fun", which has been published monthly since 1994 in Germany. According to the editorial concept of the journal, the focus of the diet program is on the components: exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

The diet in detail

The balanced diet of the Fit for Fun diet and the components of exercise and relaxation are a good prerequisite for healthy weight loss. Fruits and vegetables, but also proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats are on the daily menu.

A daily calorie intake of 1, 400 to 1, 600 kcal enables a healthy, slow weight loss. Patience should be brought along for achieving your personal desired weight. The quantity requirements of the recipes should be followed exactly to meet the calorie requirements and decrease.

Since no food is banned and the Fit for Fun diet offers so much variety and variety, this diet is suitable as a long-term weight loss program. Anyone who just wants to lose two to three kilos with the Fit for Fun diet will not quickly achieve the desired success.

You should also bring some time to prepare and cook the FitforFun recipes. Very nice is the extensive recipe selection on the website of FitforFun. The FitforFun diet tends to be more suitable for vegetarian-oriented eaters. Fish is only twice on the weekly menu, eggs and meat only once or twice. For meat lovers, this could not be enough in the long term.

Positive is the relaxation program for Fit for Fun diet, because stress food is often a trigger of weight gain. In addition, sports, in a mixture of endurance and weight training, an integral part of the diet plan. The Fit for Fun diet is a weight loss program with a learning effect. It promotes the learning of healthy eating and sports habits. Positive is also the sufficient satiety during the diet, which is at the expense of a slightly higher calorie intake. So you do not lose weight very fast. The weight loss should be but sustainable.

The latest reviews from you

No diet, but a change

I have a lot to lose weight in the long term. I weighed at least 115 pounds at a size of 1.78. The belly and hips. That's one problem zone. I wanted to look sporty and not starve. I got to know the Fit For Fun diet through a training partner in the gym. He bequeathed me a book right away. Then I also subscribed to the magazine. The sports tips in the â € œfffâ € œ are very good and I had begun with sports to lose weight.A diet should also support me because in sports alone no quick successes were seen. I have already lost 9 pounds in just under 2 1/2 months. That is also, or better mainly, in my sports program. I walk on the treadmill 3 times a week (45-60 minutes) and do weight training. Now many may think: Boa 9kg is less than a year for almost 1/4 years. But I do not feel like dieting. Much more I do something long overdue: a diet change. Cooking and shopping was a bit unusual for me at the beginning. I am single and hardly cook. Even the basic equipment made me run desperately through the supermarket. Meanwhile, I'm glad that I finally started to eat fresh food and pay attention to my diet. Even now, I can not believe what I still expected 3 months ago: Sprinkles for breakfast, Bockwurst or pizza for lunch and evenings Burger King or McDonalds. Dreadful! And as a driver with practically zero movement. I feel much better and also more active through the sport and the low-fat diet. In addition, I was able to cook my first date for years now. With a healthy vegetable curry. She was delighted. Cooking does not break the masculinity so! This "diet" I will continue and certainly hold out until I have reached my dream weight of about 85 pounds. Through sport, I also gain muscle mass. Therefore, the goal is certainly not to undercut. But at least the problem areas belly and hip should disappear. Then I do not care about the weight. I also want to continue to feed on the Fit-For-Fun principle. Only I would like to eat a little more meat - 2 times a week is already a little bit. With the Fit for Fun diet I will certainly have to stay tuned for a while until I reach my desired weight. I do not expect it until next year. But then it will (hopefully) stay that way for a lifetime. Read more...
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