Fat away injection

A syringe that simply dissolves excess grease. Sounds wonderfully easy! The fat-away syringe was launched as a lower-risk and painless alternative to liposuction on the market. The fat-away injection is a procedure in which a drug is injected under the skin and there destroys the existing fat cells.

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The soybean-derived agent phosphatidylcholine (PHC) is injected into subcutaneous fat and fat pads. Up to three injections into the affected body regions dissolve fatty tissue enzymatically (due to the high proportion of lecithin). The fat cells are selected out like soot in a catalyst and transported away via the lymphs.

In Germany, phosphatidylcholine has so far only been approved as a component of cholesterol-lowering drugs and as an intravenous syringe for the dissolution of fat embolisms, but not for the dissolution of adipose tissue. Nevertheless, some physicians offer the procedure in the context of Theraphiefreiheit: the dissolution of adipose tissue and injection into the subcutaneous tissue.

The treatment takes place in several steps (14 days to 3 weeks) whereby the fat cells are destroyed and the dead fatty tissue is removed from the lymphatic system. Supposedly, the fat cells disappear forever, but here too late effects, similar to those set in a liposuction. Side effects, such as the destruction of healthy tissue, painful inflammation, cyst formation, as well as holes or knots in the tissue, can not be completely ruled out.

experts Conclusion

The fat-away syringe is no alternative to calorie-conscious diet and exercise. It also does not replace a diet program. Even the providers of the "fat-away injection" state that the treatment can only be successful in problem areas of normal weight. The lecithin contained in the sprayed agent was previously used only in fat deposits in blood vessels.

How lecithin works in the treatment of subcutaneous fat is not yet fully understood. Therefore, the drug phosphatidylcholine has not yet been granted approval in Germany. Until long-term studies on side effects and risks are available, one should therefore keep away from the fat-away syringe.

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