FertiQUICK fertility test for men

FertiQUICK is the first fertility test for men. With the FertiQUICK self-test, "man" can find out at home, within just 20 minutes, what his fertility ability is. The FertiQUICK is available in all pharmacies and in Internet shops and allows the man outside a doctor's office at home simply and discreetly to determine the quantity of sperm.

Scientists estimate that in every third case of unfulfilled desire for a child, the cause lies with the man. Especially when it comes to fertility, accuracy is of particular importance and the FertiQUICK has an unprecedented level of safety of 97 percent. The FertiQUICK convinces through:
  • Discretion: home-use in a private atmosphere Accuracy: The use of 2-cut-offs allows a more accurate determination of the sperm count
  • Security: Reliable result (over 97 percent)
FertiQUICK can now be ordered online for 49.95 euros. The fertility test FertiQUICK is just right for the men who go far beyond the practice of urologists. Fertility is just as delicate a topic for men as it is for women. With the sperm test FertiQUICK men now have the opportunity to control the quantity of their sperm and thus their fertility. Each sixth couple in Germany can hardly fulfill their desire for children, four percent even remain permanently childless and a total of two million couples suffer from unfulfilled desire for children, Scientists assume that in 40 percent of cases the man is the cause of the unfulfilled desire for children. In 40 percent of the cases it is up to the woman and in every fifth case the childlessness is to be sought by both partners. Using the FertiQUICK rapid test, men can quickly determine whether the sperm count is normal (fertile) or low (infertile) or is in a threshold range. The FertiQUICK determines whether the number of sperm per milliliter is over 20 million, between 20 and 5 million, or less than 5 million. According to the World Health Organization, fertility is guaranteed to exceed 20 million. NanoRepro AG
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