Protein drinks by Dr. med. Ulrich Strunz

Bestselling author Dr. Ulrich Strunz claims: If you want to lose weight, you can still eat more. In his new book "Die diet" he promises less pounds and more love of life - with the right balance of vital nutrients, protein and exercise. Obesity is for Dr. med. Strunz a sign of lack. It lacks the building blocks that boost fat loss: protein and amino acids.

Losing weight through hormones

At the same time, the lack of nutrients reflects a starvation scenario, with the hormones beginning to hoard fat in the fat cells. The result: the body weight increases. Hormones are for Dr. med. Strunz the keys to slimming and staying thin: The stress hormone cortisol and insulin cause the pounds to proliferate.

Testosterone and the growth hormone STH on the other hand stimulate fat burning - if properly stimulated:

  • Testosterone production is stimulated (even in women) by zinc, manganese, protein, muscle training, running, walking and positive thinking.
  • The growth hormone STH is produced primarily in deep sleep. Meditation and muscle training also promote production - provided that there are enough protein building blocks available.

Nutrition program in three stages

The nutrition program according to Dr. med. Ulrich Strunz consists of three stages:

  1. Vital fat burning
  2. Interval diet
  3. Forever Young Diet

In the following, we will introduce you to these stages.

Stage 1: Vital Fat Burning

This strategy makes it possible to lose up to a kilo per day. The key to success: only protein and vital substances are allowed. They bring the fat burning at full speed, because for the utilization of protein, the body has to resort permanently to its fat deposits. And so it goes:

  • Protein drink: Every four hours there is a protein drink, which can be mixed with milk or combined with fruit according to taste. The contained amino acids release the growth hormone HGH - the fat melts. In addition, the immune system is stimulated. Protein can also be taken as a concentrate from the pharmacy (best with carnitine, the crucial substance for fat burning).
  • Fruit, salad and vegetables: fruit, salad and vegetables ignite the second stage of fat burning. Minimum amount per day 800 grams. The best sequence: Fruit salad for breakfast (with nuts and grains - without bananas, dates, pineapple, apricots). At noon a salad of seasonal lettuce, with vegetables and fresh apple pieces added. Steamed vegetables or salad in the evening.
  • Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin C: No diet works without: They are the main fuels for a smooth burning of fat. Usually, this diet phase of the Vital Fat Burning takes a week, but it can be extended as desired. What Vital Fat Burning must be on the shopping list, show the numerous recipes of the book.

However, nutrition alone is not enough: 30 minutes of sport a day rev up your metabolism, for example Nordic walking: In this two-stick running, the body is fully trained, the pulse is raised to the level of optimal fat burning, the shoulder and shoulder Breast muscles are tightened. Also suitable as a fat burner: walking or running.

Stage 2: Interval diet

From the second week follows on every vital fat burning day a Forever Young Day. The program "Forever young" was developed for physical and mental performance enhancement for brainwomen and executives. It combines regular, pulse-controlled, smooth-running training with a nutrient-rich diet and mental training. The interval principle of the diet prevents the so-called "yo-yo effect", which is caused by the fact that the body throttles the metabolism and so the weight rises again.

Stage 3: Forever Young Diet

The "endless" Forever Young diet assumes that a lot of exercise and balanced diets will lead to a healthy lifestyle without any extra pounds. In a modular system with 120 recipes, every reader can choose every day what he wants. The goal of this level is a happy, healthy and slim life.

Protein drinks by Dr. med. Ulrich Strunz

As part of Level 1 of Dr. Nutrition's program Ulrich Strunz gives a protein drink every four hours, which can be mixed with milk or combined with fruit, depending on the taste. Here you will find a selection of protein drinks according to Dr. med. Strunz:

Figs buttermilk

  • Ingredients: two fresh figs (no greens), two teaspoons of sea buckthorn fuller with honey, two tablespoons of thick milk, two tablespoons of protein powder (from the pharmacy), 100 milliliters of ice cold buttermilk, 50 milliliters of still mineral water, a pinch of cinnamon.
  • Preparation: Puree the pulp of the figs with sea buckthorn and thick milk. Add protein powder and buttermilk, mix again briefly. Fill with water, season with cinnamon. Garnish with fig split and one or two cinnamon sticks. Drink immediately.

Kiwi grapefruit drink

  • Ingredients: a kiwi (100 grams), a sprig of mint, two teaspoons of lemon juice, two teaspoons of maple syrup, 150 milliliters of grapefruit juice, two tablespoons of egg white powder, three ice cubes.
  • Preparation: Cut a kiwi slice for garnish. Peel kiwi, dice, puree with lemon juice, maple syrup and half of the grapefruit juice in a blender for 15 seconds. Add the protein powder and the remaining juice, mix again for 10 seconds. Pour mixture into a glass of ice cubes, garnish with kiwi and mint.

Apple and elderberry drink

  • Ingredients: A piece of apple (about 75 grams), two teaspoons of lemon juice, two teaspoons of acacia honey, 75 milliliters of cold unsweetened apple juice, two tablespoons of protein powder, 75 milliliters of cold elderberry juice (health food store), three ice cubes, a sprig of lemon balm.
  • Preparation: Wash the apple, peel, cut into pieces, add to the blender with lemon and apple juice, puree. Mix again briefly with protein powder and elderberry juice. Pour into a glass with ice cubes, garnish with lemon balm and apple split.
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