Diet mistakes despite a lot of sports

Actually you are an active person, you move a lot and are almost never on your lazy skin but still it works with the weight loss or weight not as desired? Sport alone does not make you slim, the diet must be right.

Even athletic people make mistakes in the diet. Despite regular endurance training and fitness exercises, an unhealthy eating habits can quickly upset the goal of a slim figure. Observe yourself - are you making one of these mistakes during your diet?

It does not have to be much, but at least have a small meal in the morning. The breakfast provides important energy for a powerful day. This is especially true for those who like to do sports in the morning. Those who do not eat in the morning usually eat more during the day. So: At least in the morning, eat some fruit with yogurt or drink a protein shake.

With the right food before training - whether fitness or endurance - you train much more effectively. An ideal fitness diet are complex carbohydrates, protein with low fat.

Nothing hearty which is heavy in the stomach, but for example a banana with yogurt. From this diet, the body gains the energy to build muscle. It is best if you eat 1-2 hours before the sport, in sports such as yoga a maximum of 2 hours before the sports lesson, the last meal.

Do not eat too long after training Just as you should eat before training, you should do it afterwards. This helps the regeneration and replenishes the empty energy reserves. Again, a small meal with lean protein and complex carbohydrates is often enough, preferably within 2 hours after exercise. For example, a salad or a vegetable pan with turkey breast.

Energy bars and protein Shakes instead of proper food Now and then this may be an option, but you should not always eat energy bars and protein shakes before or after the sport. Specialized fitness diets or diet shakes can not replace natural healthy foods with their complex composition of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Do you prefer shakes or muesli bars yourself - from fresh or dried fruits and lean dairy products as well as whole grain cereals like oatmeal.

Too much protein, too little carbohydrate protein is good for satiety, muscle and fat burning. But those who rely only on protein and the carbohydrates too much limits, it does not make it right. Especially after intensive endurance training the body needs carbohydrates. Give it to him: A few before training and in long sessions such as a ski tour or a long-distance run also like a snack in between.

Not knowing your calorie needs How much calories does your body need per day? How many calories do you burn during sports? It helps if you calculate your calorie needs and get a taste for calories. The calorie calculator and the fitness calculator help.

Eat what you want, because you're doing a lot of sports Many people do sports to lose weight or to stay slim. Often is eaten as a "reward" for the sport more or seized to treats. No wonder, if you do not lose weight then. Even those who do sports must pay attention to their calorie balance. The approximately 250 to 350 calories abtrainten in 30 minutes are fast with a Café Latte back on it.

Do not drink enough Before, while and after that should be drunk during sports. Even if you do not feel thirsty: Always have a water bottle with you and often take a sip. Two liters per day may like it, in sports more. If you drink enough water, it can also be easier to lose weight.

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