Diet book: Men diet. Operating instructions as they come in their best form

Sixty percent of German men are overweight. So it's time for the masters of creation to lose weight. But of course no man wants to lose weight with the Brigitte Diet or Weight Watchers.

This seems too unmanageable to many. Then I prefer sports in the gym and a bit FDH. But that is the least successful in the long run.

Nutritional Instructions for Men

By Focus editor Martin Kunz, the book "The Men's Diet: How To Get In Top Form" has finally been published. According to Kunz, a men's diet must be a program that is short and crisp and gives a clear profit.

The idea to call his diet book "User's Guide" came Kunz at the gas station as he watched a man clean the aluminum rims with cotton buds after the car wash. "Car care but no body care, " he thought to himself. A first glance at the table of contents and the cartoons in the book reveal: this is about men and cars.

So, associations like "how about boys, if you care as well, oil and tune would like your garage love?" Or "The amazing thing about the man is: Even if the 1985 Opel Caravan looks in the mirror, he believes a sports car to recognize "through the book.

Car brand, body & consumption values

The first capital is dedicated to the field of psyche (car make) and feels the background of male dickiness on the tooth, the second chapter is dedicated to the body (body) with emphasis on the male problem area, the stomach.

In both chapters, the differences between Adam and Eve are highlighted, highlighted with studies by Weight Watchers and comparisons among others from the book "Men are from Mars. Women from Venus ". In chapter three there are insights into the background of weight loss especially for men. It is learned that a successful male diet must be practical and manageable and meat and alcohol should not be completely ruled out.

The man does not like to cook or, with a few exceptions, can not. Vegetables, whether as quiche or lasagna, are "unappealing" to men. The chapter briefly reports on fat content in sausages, meat and dairy products, the calorie trap beverages, the daily caloric requirements (basic and power sales), the importance of a good night's sleep, dinner canceling and protein powder.

Fed up with volume

In chapter four there is now the eating instructions and the recipes. To put it in a nutshell: nutrition is based on the volumetric principle of the American scientist Barbara Rolls, which was adapted into German by the author Martin Kunz in 2005.

The volumetric basics of the energy density principle are explained and there are tables with volume values ​​of selected foods. The importance of breakfast for performance and a slim figure is explained, the lunch described as the culinary highlight of the day (it should also be the richest meal of the day) and dinner as light as possible meal with a helping of egg whites.

For each meal there are a few sample dishes: As a breakfast next to radish quark bread and a homemade raspberry smoothie the "Hasenmüsli for two", for the preparation of half a cup of millet is pre-soaked overnight. It follows a diet plan for a week with daily 1, 700 to 2, 200 kilocalories ...

The non-cooks can now either hope for the help of their partner or leaf through these pages. What a pity, because after the first few chapters you would have expected something "typically male". But there are gardener's soup, herb risotto, rosemary pancakes, minestrone, greens and roast balls - all pure vegetables.

During men's diet week, there are four dishes containing meat, and three dishes containing fish. Although the diet plan of the male diet is very healthy, it does not differ from other "normal" diet plans. At the end of the chapter are a few shopping tips and a crash course "kitchen".

Chapter five gives sports and training tips. Nice here, that there are instead of jogging, the standard endurance training in diet books, alternative tips such as boxing, rowing or hiking. Also the weight training is presented with concrete exercises and there is an interval training plan for run beginners. The sixth and last chapter provides some tips for support.

Our conclusion to the men's diet

In the first two chapters it becomes clear: A book for men only is not "The Men's Diet". Here, above all, women are addressed to help their loved ones as gently as possible and not brutally to a healthier diet. According to Winston Churchill: "Without the kitchen of my wife, I would not have grown so old."

The book is written entertaining. However, the associations between man and car are somewhat clichéd, because not every man is necessarily a car fanatic. The nutrition part, the actual diet for the man, unfortunately falls a bit disappointing and does not hold what the title and the chapters before promise:

In Chapter 2, we learn that men have an aversion to vegetable patties, but they are then presented in the diet plan greens roast balls. From a typical male diet is not much to feel.

In addition, some of the recipes for cook-thin men are far too "exhausting" and there are no alternatives. The indication that one (s) can fall back on frozen meals and doses if necessary, but since the contents should read exactly, it certainly does not help him further.

Also missing tips on what you (n) in the restaurant or the room service in the hotel should order, because many men come in the evening for the out-of-house food and business appointments unfortunately not all around.

Can not a healthy diet be man-friendly in the end? We already mean and would have liked man-friendly, very simple suggestions such as steak with salad, jacket potatoes with cottage cheese or, if it must go very fast: frozen frozen foods.

Here's the diet evaluation for men diet.

"The Men's Diet: How to get into shape. Operating Instructions "(188 pages) has been published by Mosaik / Goldmann and is available on for 16.95 euros. (ISBN 978-3442391677)

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