Diet by Concept: David Kirsch - New York Body Plan

Class reunion? Just before the wedding? Pregnancy bacon? These questions are asked by David Kirsch to his target group as part of his David Kirsch - New York Body Plan, to claim in the end: fat burners are not mythical creatures.

Each weight goal can be achieved with the appropriate fitness program and a balanced diet - all in just 14 days. Most people will probably think now: Typically Americans, they just smile away from all the problems. However, the references of Mr. Kirsch speak for themselves.

From Heidi Klum to Naomi Campbell - all consider him a wonder boy and regularly go into his care to at least retain their ancestral place in the glittering world. But what makes the David Kirsch-New York Body Plan so special?

The David Kirsch-New York Body Plan consists of six steps: the fitness test, the pre-program, the main program, abdominal and trunk exercises, leg and buttock exercises and a final stretching. It's hard to start with, as the saying goes, and so does the David Kirsch-New York Body Plan.

This starts with a demanding power endurance test. Many who thought they were fit were taught a better way. Of course, as with all sports, it depends on which muscle groups in the past received more attention.

One advantage of this sweaty entry: you know where you stand and above all how the next steps should look like. Depending on the fitness state, we will continue in the pre-program or already in the main program.

The pre-program on the David Kirsch New York Body Plan is primarily designed to get fit for the main program - because it literally has it all in it.

It consists of an upscale workout that gets the circulation going and should be a real fat burner. During the week, this exercise program takes four to five units.

Of course, not only special Fatburner methods are to be used, but also targeted measures to bring certain body regions on the foreground and let shine again in the old glory.

Tailor-made exercises help you to truly achieve these ambitious goals. The David Kirsch-New York Body Plan concludes with extensive stretching sessions, which are always practiced between the above steps.

Surely you can smile at the David Kirsch-New York Body Plan as a pure marketing model that knows how to sell a variety of products in its shadow. But what if these methods really have fatburner qualities - then a derogatory smile quickly turns into a pure-flower feel-good smile.

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