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Bob Greene's Best Life Diet was made famous by US presenter Oprah Winfrey, who took off with this diet. Greene's diet plan focuses not only on losing weight, but on the fundamental change in lifestyle. These include, among other things, more exercise and the lack of food in the late evening. Furthermore, the Best Life diet gives a sense of portion sizes and helps to better recognize your own hunger or feeling satisfied.

Content of the diet profile

  1. Origin of the diet
  2. The diet in detail
  3. Duration of the diet
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. weight loss
  6. Count calories / points
  7. Sports & Exercise
  8. Additional Information
  9. Nutritional assessment
  10. sample day
  11. Similar diets
  12. experts Conclusion

Origin of the diet

The author of the Best Life Diet Bob Greene became known as the personal trainer and nutritional coach of US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who has lost weight with his diet method and also wrote the foreword in his diet book. Unfortunately, the German translation of the diet book by Bob Greene from the year 2000. The current books are available only in English, as well as the website for the Bob Greene Best Life Diet only in English.

The diet in detail

Carbohydrates are part of the Best Life Diet. Best Life is not a low carb diet plan, but stands for a balanced mixed diet. It makes a distinction in bad carbs such as sugar and white flour and good carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread and vegetables.

Three main meals and a snack are eaten daily. A daily meal should account for 25 to 30 percent of the daily calorie intake, about 10-25 percent for snacks and snacks. The remainder of daily calories, around 45-65 percent, is accounted for by the other two meals. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and should by no means be canceled.

Bob Greene recommends a larger breakfast and a smaller dinner for the Best Life diet. That should activate the metabolism. So that the blood sugar level does not drop too much, it should be eaten every 3-4 hours.

The food group that is mainly eaten is vegetables. Exception, because of their high starch content, potatoes, corn and peas. The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene is divided into three phases:

1st phase of the Best Life Diet:

The first four weeks of the Best Life Diet are referred to as Phase 1. Above all, this introductory phase should lay the foundations for the subsequent long-term lifestyle change. It is not to be understood as a short-term crash diet phase.

During the first phase of the Best Life Diet, Bob Greene recommends simple changes in everyday life and eating habits:

  • Move more (eg 15 or 20 minutes daily or on a bicycle)
  • Stop eating late at night
  • Eat three meals a day and a snack
  • This starts to drink a lot of water

Since it is not about losing as much weight as possible in the first phase, but about changing some basic behaviors, only little weight is reduced or not even decreased.

2nd phase of the Best Life Diet:

The second phase lasts at least four weeks, but can also last longer, depending on the desired weight loss. The second phase builds on the learned basics of the first phase, but there are still some new eating habits added. These should serve to achieve the desired weight loss now. For this purpose, six unhealthy foods are completely banned and instead healthy alternatives are offered:

  • No soft drinks: they only contain empty calories. Instead, drink pure water or with a little taste, herbal tea or skimmed milk. If you feel the need for a sweet drink, then you can drink a glass of fruit juice. But at most one per day. If you can not leave it alone, you can also drink light drinks. But it is better to do without, since otherwise there is no weaning off the sweet taste.
  • No foods with trans fats: Often these very unhealthy fats are found in margarines, frozen and ready meals, chips and crackers, ready-made cakes and sweets. Instead, Bob Greene recommends heart-healthy fats like olive oil or rapeseed oil.
  • Nothing fried: Greasy and often soaked in unhealthy saturated fats (including trans fat). Instead, fries or potato chips should preferably be baked in the oven with little fat.
  • No white bread: carbohydrates are allowed to be eaten, but please from whole grain because of the fiber and the longer saturation.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol provides extra calories (alcohol has 7 kcal / gram), can cause depression and slows down the metabolism. In phase three, a glass is allowed from time to time. • No full-fat milk and yogurt: In addition to calcium and protein, they also contain a lot of fat. Instead, it should be resorted to the fat-free or low-fat versions.

In addition, Phase 2 of the Best Life Diet will introduce a so-called starvation scale. It is designed to help people who lose weight eat only when they are really hungry and to quit before they are full (until they feel a little bit tired, it takes about 20 minutes).

Controlling and maintaining portion sizes, as well as more exercise and exercise are also important aspects of this second phase of the Best Life Diet. In the diet book and the English-language, paid-for online program for the Best Life Diet, there are specific meal plans for every day.

3rd phase of the Best Life Diet:

The third phase of the Best Life diet is the so-called maintenance phase. The learned in the previous phases new eating and moving behavior should be maintained. The daily diet continues to consist of balanced meals and lots of vegetables. Certain foods such as very fatty meat should continue to be eaten as little as possible. In addition, daily exercise is an integral part of phase three.

Duration of the diet

The first two phases of the Best Life Diet take at least eight weeks. Depending on the height of the weight to be taken, the period may also be prolonged. The third maintenance phase should be maintained as a lifelong nutritional style.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Healthy balanced mixed diet
  • Step-by-step instructions for changing habits
  • Focus on hunger, satiety and serving sizes
  • Nothing for the quick weight loss
  • Needs some time and leisure for cooking
  • Food recommendations unfortunately only for the US market

weight loss

At the beginning of the Best Life Diet, fast weight loss does not dominate, but learning to eat healthier foods is paramount. Only when this has been internalized after four weeks, it is conscious to lose weight. The Bob Greene diet is thus designed for a slower, longer-term weight loss.

Count calories / points

The calorie counting is not in the foreground, but the acclimation of a new eating behavior. Of course, to lose weight, the daily intake of calories is also reduced in the Best Life diet plans, especially in Phase 2.

Sports & Exercise

Sport is an important part of the Best Life Diet. The sports activity depends on the individual fitness level. There is a 12-week fitness plan for beginners, advanced beginners and advanced.

Additional Information

  • Best Life Diet by Bob Greene (English)

Nutritional assessment

Bobe Greene's Best Life Diet diet is a well-balanced mixed diet. The focus is on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein. The diet provides the body with all the essential nutrients.

The foods "forbidden" in the Best Life Diet, such as sweetened lemonades, trans fat, and fried foods, can and should be dispensed with as part of a healthy diet.

sample day

  • Breakfast: peanut butter-apple smoothie
  • Snack: crispbread with grapes, ricotta and almond butter
  • Lunch: noodle soup with black beans
  • Snack: -
  • Evening: Steak wrap with fried onions and peppers

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experts Conclusion

In the Best Life diet is not the fast, short-term weight loss in the foreground, but the slow change of eating and exercise habits. In this respect, it is not a diet for anyone who wants to slim down quickly and only a few pounds.

However, if you pay attention to your weight and healthy food, or if you want to lose more weight, the Best Life Diet is a recommendable, healthy option. Slowly, old habits are changed and only after four weeks, the plan is a little stricter.

It is absolutely essential that a feeling of satiety, hunger and proper portion sizes is conveyed. Thus the eating behavior can be changed permanently. Concrete nutrition plans help in phase two when losing weight.

The Best Life diet offers (especially in English) a large variety of recipes and there is a lot of variety, since hardly any food is banned. But cooking and cooking time should be brought along for the Best Life Diet.

Very good is that sports and exercise are part of the program right from the start, tailored to your personal fitness level. So no one is over-or under-challenged and the chance to remain permanently on the ball increases. The background and motivations, ie the emotional aspect of losing weight, are also taken into consideration during the Best Life Diet.

That Bob Greene's diet works proved the weight loss of Oprah. Although she has increased again, since January 2009 she lives and eats again after the Bob Greene diet. Their example shows that the yo-yo effect is not necessarily due to a diet that is too one-sided, but mainly due to the relapse into old and fatiguing behavioral patterns. That's exactly where the Bob Green Diet tries to do.

It is a pity that the very extensive website with the Online Coach and the current books are only available in English. The concept is recommendable and also well suited for Central European food culture. Maybe there is indeed a publisher, who hangs up this healthy diet concept in the current version for the German diet market.

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