Bob Greene: Best Life Diet

Bob Greene's Best Life Diet was made famous by US presenter Oprah Winfrey, who took off with this diet. Greene's diet plan focuses not only on losing weight, but on the fundamental change in lifestyle. These include, among other things, more exercise and the lack of food in the late evening. Furthermore, the Best Life diet gives a sense of portion sizes and helps to better recognize your own hunger or feeling satisfied.

Content of the diet profile

  1. Origin of the diet
  2. The diet in detail
  3. Duration of the diet
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. weight loss
  6. Count calories / points
  7. Sports & Exercise
  8. Additional Information
  9. Nutritional assessment
  10. sample day
  11. Similar diets
  12. experts Conclusion

Origin of the diet

The author of the Best Life Diet Bob Greene became known as the personal trainer and nutritional coach of US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who has lost weight with his diet method and also wrote the foreword in his diet book. Unfortunately, the German translation of the diet book by Bob Greene from the year 2000. The current books are available only in English, as well as the website for the Bob Greene Best Life Diet only in English.

The diet in detail

In the Best Life diet is not the fast, short-term weight loss in the foreground, but the slow change of eating and exercise habits. In this respect, it is not a diet for anyone who wants to slim down quickly and only a few pounds.

However, if you pay attention to your weight and healthy food, or if you want to lose more weight, the Best Life Diet is a recommendable, healthy option. Slowly, old habits are changed and only after four weeks, the plan is a little stricter.

It is absolutely essential that a feeling of satiety, hunger and proper portion sizes is conveyed. Thus the eating behavior can be changed permanently. Concrete nutrition plans help in phase two when losing weight.

The Best Life diet offers (especially in English) a large variety of recipes and there is a lot of variety, since hardly any food is banned. But cooking and cooking time should be brought along for the Best Life Diet.

Very good is that sports and exercise are part of the program right from the start, tailored to your personal fitness level. So no one is over-or under-challenged and the chance to remain permanently on the ball increases. The background and motivations, ie the emotional aspect of losing weight, are also taken into consideration during the Best Life Diet.

That Bob Greene's diet works proved the weight loss of Oprah. Although she has increased again, since January 2009 she lives and eats again after the Bob Greene diet. Their example shows that the yo-yo effect is not necessarily due to a diet that is too one-sided, but mainly due to the relapse into old and fatiguing behavioral patterns. That's exactly where the Bob Green Diet tries to do.

It is a pity that the very extensive website with the Online Coach and the current books are only available in English. The concept is recommendable and also well suited for Central European food culture. Maybe there is indeed a publisher, who hangs up this healthy diet concept in the current version for the German diet market.

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