Hypertension and diabetes

They are called silent killers. High blood pressure and diabetes are considered common diseases number 1. Almost one in two Germans suffers from hypertension - one in five is affected by diabetes. What is she doing so dangerous? It is her silence. High blood pressure and diabetes tend to sound rather soft and come on soft soles - that's what makes them so dangerous.

Only in the rarest cases do the affected persons show symptoms. Especially in the early stages of the patient lives almost free of symptoms. It is only with steady time and greater severity that both send us their ambassadors to make it clear that it is five to twelve.

Mostly it is here but then already too late. The vascular system and some organs are then already affected accordingly. Early detection can save lives or extend the lifespan. Therefore, every person should make it their duty to keep the markers of the diseases diabetes and hypertension in mind.

And if there are permanent values ​​above the normal range consult a doctor immediately. What are the normal values? The blood pressure limit is 140 to 90 mmHg. If these limits are exceeded, this is called hypertension.

However, it should be clearly stated here: A measurement has no significance. Only at repeated measurements under constant conditions can one recognize a development. In addition, the blood pressure is a very fluctuating size. Sport, stress, grief but also joy can cause the blood pressure to roller coaster rides.

Even the measuring itself should be well prepared. For example, it is very important to rest for one or two minutes before measuring. The arm should be free and the cuff should be adjusted to the upper arm circumference. Yes, even a too tight blood pressure cuff can falsify the values ​​and indicate too high a blood pressure.

Optimum blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. Normal blood glucose is between 3.9 and 5.5 mmol / l in a fasted person. After meals, the upper limit is 8.9 mmol / l. Both diseases can cause serious sequelae.

High blood pressure and diabetes often occur together

When high blood pressure and diabetes occur together, scientists talk about a diabetic tsunami. One disease works for the other as well as its secondary diseases like a kind of catalyst and vice versa. Otherwise, uninvolved organs in the combination of hypertension and diabetes are suddenly damaged.

The vessels age very quickly in the interaction of both diseases. For a diabetic who also has high blood pressure, the risk of heart attack is 25 times higher than that of healthy people. For example, it is even more important for a diabetic to permanently lower his high blood pressure to a healthy level.

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