Curb appetite

We have an appetite for chocolate, we have an appetite for a hearty Schnitzel - sometimes we even have an appetite without that we are really hungry. Many people have an increased appetite, they just can not turn it off - they are constantly haunted by it.

Not a few make their appetite responsible for their overweight. Therefore, all means are right for them to curb their appetite. So is often resorted to in bright excitement to the most adventurous preparations. But be careful, especially psychotropic drugs, such as amphetamines, can be life threatening. The dilemma: Although psychotropic drugs inhibit the appetite, but have dangerous side effects.

Dangerous side effects from appetite suppressants

Thus appetite suppressants with amphetamine hold a great addictive potential in itself. This is due to the substances that influence the central nervous system. They penetrate the blood-brain barrier of the organism and trigger the secretion of hormonal messengers. This in turn puts the individual in a kind of elation - the happiness hormones show their effect. Unfortunately, this condition only lasts for a short time. Then the addictions start - the body demands more and the vicious cycle begins.

Much better you go with natural foods that are able to curb your appetite. So fiber can provide similar services as psychotropic drugs, but without side effects. Dietary fiber naturally inhibits appetite and thus ensures a regulated eating behavior. The fibers use a simple trick: They bind water and swell up. They help the chyme to a larger volume. This makes itself noticeable much faster, because it pushes more on the receptors of the stomach walls. These in turn signal to our brains that we are full. And that, even though we did not eat any more than usual. The content is crucial. With a meal that contains a lot of fiber, we are rather full. However, fiber does not only curb your appetite, they can do much more. Who wants to lose weight in a healthy way, should declare the dietary fiber to his bosom friends.

Because fiber also reduces blood sugar levels. The blood sugar level has a direct influence on the fat metabolism. High blood sugar levels slow down and hinder smooth lipid metabolism. The result is increased fat deposits. Especially complex carbohydrates cause the blood sugar level to rise quickly. This leads to increased insulin output. Insulin in particular opens the fat cells for sugar molecules. Dietary fiber dampens the rise in blood sugar levels and reduces the formation of insulin. Dietary fibers fight overweight in various places.

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