Pineapple: Slender summer fruit

A pineapple is not only healthy, a pineapple can also help you lose weight and stay slim. Rough shell, soft core - probably no other fruit meets this saying, as on the pineapple. Behind her deep furrowed shell hides a true fountain of youth. Vitamins, minerals or enzymes - the pineapple has something to offer. Incidentally, the full fruit of the pineapple is far superior to their can-brothers. Even if the preparation requires a bit of patience and skill in dealing with the cutting tool, a freshly peeled pineapple is also nothing to beat in terms of taste.

Pure pineapple, not from the can, enjoy

In addition, the pineapple waits in the tin with some weaknesses. So the canned fruits are often mixed with a lot of sugar - in the course of a diet a not to be underestimated circumstance. In addition, the pineapple loses plenty of vitality in the can. Vitamins and minerals can only be found in a can as a "savings variant". All facts that speak for a pineapple in its original form.

Cutting the pineapple with a knife is not as easy as you think. The most common method is to cut the pineapple into slices and then remove them individually from the peel. Thankfully, today there are pineapple cutters peeling the pineapple in seconds. Especially the pineapple is used in the course of diets.

First and foremost, because it is scanty with calories. In 500 grams of pineapple can be found just 250 calories - an almost unbeatable value. The high water content also ensures that you are rather full and satisfied even his water balance. But the true masters of pineapple are their enzymes. These offer a whole range of health-promoting properties right away.

Purification is the magic word that connoisseurs of pineapple immediately associate with the tropical fruit. Special enzymes of the pineapple bring the digestion in motion and cleanse the intestine. Also in the cosmetics industry, the active ingredients of pineapple are very popular. The enzymes of the pineapple act on the skin like a makeover. Age and sunspots can even disappear with the treatment with pineapple.

Our muscles also benefit from the Vitality Package Pineapple. Their minerals and vitamins can relieve muscle spasms and are also actively involved in muscle building. But not only our body enjoys the pineapple, also our brain appreciates its ingredients. Thus, the pineapple supplies a specific amino acid, which is directly involved in the production of happiness hormones. A pineapple creates a good mood - we have always known that.

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