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The Anabolic Diet has clear goals: lots of muscle and little fat. This is achieved by a combination of strength training and a corresponding diet. Losing weight is not the goal. On the contrary: It is aimed at gaining weight, while simultaneously reducing the fat reserves. But the key to success is less in strength training than in nutrition.

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The Anabolic Diet is the brainchild of Canadian physician and sports scientist Mauro Di Pasquale. This one developed a special training diet that is also based on the basics of a low carb diet. Starting point was the training with Canadian strength athletes. These should be formulated in a natural way - without the delivery of anabolic steroids. Especially in bodybuilding, it is important not only to build muscle, but also to put it on display. Most of the time masses play only a minor role in competitions - more important is that the muscles look good. The structure and the course of individual muscle groups must be visible. The body has to be wiry and graceful despite the muscles. You can achieve this only if you have correspondingly little fat on the ribs. Only then will the muscles really show off. That is also the reason why many strength athletes eat and drink only a few days before the competition. The anabolic diet can help achieve this goal. The anabolic diet is also referred to as a ketogenic diet. The condition of ketosis is the target for an anabolic diet. In this state, the organism no longer uses the carbohydrates (glucose in the blood), but with the fat reserves. If the body no longer carbohydrates available, the fat burning intensified. Due to a strict change between carbohydrate phases and phases without carbohydrates in the diet, this effect of fat burning is allegedly still favored. The process for the anabolic diet is as follows: Five to six days are given the body little or no carbohydrates. The limit of 50 grams per day should not be exceeded. In combination with the strength training muscles are built in this phase and simultaneously fat deposits are reduced. After this intensive treatment, a short period of recovery takes place, which is also described as a charging phase. This second phase for the anabolic diet amounts to one to two days. In this period, the athlete massively carbohydrates fed. Especially the change between high carbohydrate and low carbohydrate food sets special stimuli, which should produce a very special training effect.

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