Amapur diet experiences and test.

amapur combines various formula diet concepts that make losing weight and changing your diet easy.

The principle of the amapur diet: Hourly small, low-calorie meals are taken. Hunger rarely occurs during the amapur diet. The minimal meals are included for the diet period and are included in the packages.

amapur experiences - Reviews mostly positive

There are countless reports on the amapur diet on the internet.

Amapur customers report how much they have lost with amapur, how hungry they felt during the amapur diet and what their amapur days looked like. We have collected and summarized some opinions.

How much have amapur customers lost weight?

How much is lost with amapur, according to the experience, depends significantly on the duration of the diet. For fast slimming amapur offers various intensive diets. Many amapur experiences report rapid weight loss in the first few days and, as a result, high motivation to stick to it.

According to the manufacturer, the most popular product is the 10 day intensive diet for women, which usually loses 3 kg to 5 kg. With a hefty price of 179, - Euro for the 10 days intensive diet should then disappear at least 3 kg. According to the manufacturer, 5 kg - depending on discipline and starting situation - can tumble.

A consolation at 179, - Euro: The package replaces the entire diet for 10 days. There are no additional costs for food - but time savings through uncomplicated preparation of the products.

Hungry in the amapur diet?

The hourly food at amapur prevents the typical feeling of hunger, which one knows from comparable formula diets.

Many amapur experiences report that hourly food is getting used to at the beginning, just as a lot of drinking causes many initial difficulties. However, the hunger feeling during the amapur diet is limited by these strict guidelines and facilitates the discipline.

Susanne from Mönchengladbach opted for the 7 +14 days mix diet for women and lost 4 kg:

This is the first diet that has really worked and can be met without much effort. Although I'm not really overweight, I lost the desired 4 kilos within 3 weeks. I am thrilled and would recommend her anytime. The individual meals taste good and are always prepared with a few simple steps.

More reviews (satisfied) customers, you can also find directly on the amapur homepage.

Amapur Shakes - tasty and quickly prepared

In the amapur diet there are 5 shakes to choose from. The flavors are banana, coffee, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. According to the manufacturer, all amapur shakes are based on pasture milk, are low in fat and contain a lot of protein.

Click here for the amapur diet shakes.

How does amapur work?

In the amapur diet, small, low-calorie meals are taken every hour. The minimal meals are directly supplied for the entire diet period and are included in the packages.

The advantages of the amapur diet are often found in forums:

  1. Easy implementation and applicability
  2. Time saving, as no cooking, no shopping, no counting calories
  3. No onset of a yo-yo effect after the diet
  4. No hunger attacks
  5. No sport necessary
  6. Varied diet meals

As a big plus, compared to other formula diets, it is often said that meals are not just shakes, but soups, biscuits or cereals. Thus, the amapur diet is quite varied and not just "liquid".

An amapur intensive diet always consists of these 6 meal types. The tastes you can put together individually.

  • Soups (champignon, potato, tomato, asparagus, vegetable stock, curry)
  • Muesli (strawberry, chocolate, cereal, organs)
  • Crackers (tomato, cheese, toscana, spelled)
  • Pretzels (chili)
  • Biscuits (chocolate, vanilla, oats, potato spelled)
  • Shakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, banana)

All products are delivered to your home. The diet packs contain an individual selection of products that are sufficient for the duration of the diet, as well as a nutritional plan, shaker, measuring spoon, guidebook and a vitamin mixture.

Thanks to the hourly food is not a big feeling of hunger, which also contributes to the additional fiber Guar. In addition, the minimal meals according to amapur contain a balanced composition of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Thus, a nutrient supply is actively counteracted.

buy amapur products

The biggest drawback to amapur: The proud prices. A 5-day amapur intensive diet costs 99, - €, 10 days cost 179, - €, 21 days amapur then total 329, - €. You can buy amapur products directly from in the amapur online shop. With the high regular prices, it is to be considered that the amapur products replace the entire diet for the respective period. And ideally rewarded with a few kilos less.

However, it is worthwhile to order the amapur newsletter. With the registration you will receive a one-time 5% on the order. Again and again there are also online in the shop amapur cheap bargains such as "Easter packages" or the like to buy. These amapur offers are often communicated in the newsletter.

Conclusion: amapur is worth it

If you want to lose weight quickly, sustainably and healthily, you are well advised with the concept of amapur. The positive experiences and many pluses draw a good overall picture of this diet. Losing weight fast without hunger, having to do bad things to the body or having to do sports, is possible.

amapur test

By the way: The amapur diet is also our test winner in the Formula Diet Test 2017. In the race alongside amapur were the dieters Yokebe, precon, Slimfast and almased. Here's the whole diet test.

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