3D Diet (Karl Lagerfeld)

With the 3D diet, the fashion designer Karl Lagefeld took an unbelievable amount off: in a copious year, about 42 kilos. He reduced his figure to that of a boyish model. The dieting name "3D" stands for designer, doctor and diet. The 3D diet is also known as the Spoonlight diet. The 3D diet is more about discipline and abandonment than healthy enjoyment in the foreground. The amount of food is very limited and there are a number of dietary supplements to be taken concomitantly. In this sense, the 3D diet is literally a "houte couture" diet, as well as a rather expensive option with high prices for just a few ingredients.

Content of the diet profile

  1. Origin of the diet
  2. The diet in detail
  3. Duration of the diet
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. weight loss
  6. Count calories / points
  7. Sports & Exercise
  8. Additional Information
  9. Nutritional assessment
  10. sample day
  11. Similar diets
  12. experts Conclusion

Origin of the diet

The 3D diet was developed in 2000 by the physician Jean-Claude Hourdet and the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Dr. Houdret is also a manufacturer of nutritional supplements and cosmetics that are recommended in support of the diet.

The diet in detail

Why did the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld lose so much weight with the 3D diet and how does he manage to keep his new boyish figure even after years? Quite in contrast to Joschka Fischer, who although already often slashed, but the kilos just as quickly back on it.

Lagerfeld's secret is not food supplements or special food combinations, but simply his discipline.

He worked his way down the 3D diet in the truest sense of the word with great discipline and very strict obesity. And he's been using his dietary discipline for years to maintain that weight. So it is known that since the end of his diet he has renounced the sugar, the alcohol and consequently even his beloved jam bread.

The diet is very strict, especially at Diet Level 1. Due to the 3-meal principle and the limited portion sizes, one or the other can cause strong feelings of hunger.

One can not shake off the impression that Dr. Houdret's in the diet book for the 3D diet is mainly about selling his supplements and beauty products. Basically, supporting a diet with dietary products, such as formulated dietary products, is not a bad thing for a motivating start to a diet. However, the vitamin and additional products used here are rather of dubious effect for the success of the customer.

For healthy weight loss, there are many other diets that make more sense than the Spoonlight diet program, especially because in the 3D diet, little focus is placed on a fundamental change in Essverhaltnes.

In this respect, one should consider the 3D diet rather as an amusing and enriched with gourmet recipe ideas insight into the personal life and diet history of Karl Lagerfeld, less than a serious diet concept for an ambitious weight loss.

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